What’s In Your Hand?

ADONAI asked Moshe, “Why are you crying to me? Tell the people of Isra’el to go forward! Lift your staff, reach out with your hand over the sea, and divide it in two. The people of Isra’el will advance into the sea on dry ground. Exodus 14:15-16 CJB

Pharoah had finally released the people of Israel; but after having a change of heart, he pursued them with all the armies of Egypt. They were terrified and so the people cried to Moshe. They were boxed in and were unable to see a way out. They were convinced that they were going to perish. Even though they had seen the hand of God move on their behalf against Pharoah and his people, they could not fathom how they were going to get out of this wave of fury coming against them now. 

How many times have we doubted the power of YHVH to see us through and out of difficult times? Even though we have experienced His grace, provision, protection and power many times before, we allow our present circumstances to blind us to what He is willing and able to do.

After the people cried out to Moshe, he rebuked their fear and encourage their faith. Then Moshe, in turn, cried to God. For those of us under authority, we cry out for help and often times complain to those over us regarding what is coming against us. For those in authority, we often try to encourage those under our charge and then turn our cry to the LORD – the One who enables us to carry out our responsibility, the One without whom we would not be able to make it.

After Moshe cried out to the LORD. God replied to him,

“Why are you crying to me? Tell the people go forward. I have already equipped you with what you need for your deliverance. Use it and watch my power manifest!”

You see the LORD used Moshe’s staff to demonstrate His power. Just as Moshe had his staff, as one in authority, there are things the LORD has graced you with for the same purpose. For those under authority, those over you has been graced with things for the use of manifesting the power of God in your life and assist you with your deliverance. It could be a gift, a creative ability, a skill, etc.

My question to us is, “What is in your hand?” What has the LORD already given to you or provided for you that will assist with your deliverance?

Take inventory and see what has been supplied, use it and go forward!

– Taking inventory

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