The Principle of Double

In Genesis 41, Pharoah had two dreams where the LORD revealed to him a famine that was going to hit his country, Egypt. In those dreams he saw two different scenarios that had the same meaning. We read in Genesis 41:1-7,

Pharaoh had a dream: he was standing beside the Nile River; and there came up out of the river seven cows, sleek and fat; and they began feeding in swamp grass. After them, there came up out of the river seven more cows, miserable-looking and lean; and they stood by the other cows at the edge of the river. Then the miserable-looking and lean cows ate up the seven sleek, fat cows. At this point Pharaoh woke up. But he went to sleep again and dreamt a second time: seven full, ripe ears of grain grew out of a single stalk. After them, seven ears, thin and blasted by the east wind, sprang up. And the thin ears swallowed up the seven full, ripe ears. Then Pharaoh woke up and realized it had been a dream.

The dreams troubled Pharoah; but no one was able to interpret them for him. That was until the Chief Cupbearer remembered when Yosef interpreted the Baker’s and his dream while they were in jail and he told Pharoah about it. Pharoah sent for Yosef and told him his dreams. After disclosing the interpretation of the dreams, Yosef said, 

Why was the dream doubled for Pharaoh? Because the matter has been fixed by God, and God will shortly cause it to happen. Exodus 41:32 CJB

This statement divulges the principle of double. When a dream occurs twice, it means that it is established and will come to pass quickly. I have experienced this within my own dream life. Whenever I have the same dream occurring twice, I know that it is a direct dream involving something that will happen with the persons revealed and that it will happen quickly usually within several months from the time I had the dreams. One of the things that I have learned also is that even though it is a fixed matter, once the LORD reveals it, it can be altered by the authority given to us from YHVH through intecessory prayer. The LORD made the matter known to Pharoah and gave Yosef wisdom to create and execute a plan to survive what was to come.

There are only three times that I can remember where I had this type of dream. The first two times, I did nothing about it; but the third time, there was a shift because of prayer and grace. I will proceed to share the third encounter with you. I dreamt that my mom was in an accident. It looks as if it was her and a cousin of ours,with whom my mom has a close relationship, in the car. My mom died but my cousin did not. Then the dream ended. I do not remember  if it was the same night or the night after, but I had another dream where my mom and a young baby girl was in the car. There was an accident again. My mom died but the baby was unharmed.

Now we did not have any young babies in the family at that time. However a year or so after I had those dreams my mom, my niece (a young baby at that time), my sister and my brother drove over to New York to visit my siblings’ dad. On their way back, I had a funny feeling and the Spirit of the LORD brought back to remembrance those dreams. I knew at that time that those dreams pointed to this moment and that something was going to happen. He revealed that my cousin represented my sister and the baby girl was my niece. Even though I knew my sister and my niece were going to be fine, I was not ready for my mom to die and I was not even sure what might have happened to my brother. So I went to my husband, told him briefly what I sensed and asked him to pray with me. Then I went inside and interceded on their behalf.

I was unable to get ahold of my mom until in the morning. That was when I learnt that she was helping my brother drive back home because he was tired. She said that she felt nervous and uncomfortable, and that the car was unsteady and she almost lost control. So she pulled over and they rested for a bit and my brother drove the rest of the way back. Glory to God! I praise YHVH because He is the revealer of all things and He has given us power and authority to permit and prohibit in earth as it is in heaven!

You see, it was already established in the Spirit realm that on that day, there will be a car accident and my mother would die! BUT, because the LORD had a plan to redeem, He revealed it. And by His grace and authority, it was dismantled. There was no accident, no injury and no death. As my husband always say, “The LORD reveals to redeem!” So let us be mindful of our dreams, remember the principle of double and exercise the authority given to us to effect change!

5 thoughts on “The Principle of Double

  1. This is absolutely powerful! God is indeed a revealer. Keep them coming! If you have not yet subscribe, you need to do so immediately. What God uses her to write is always on time and on point. I will pay closer attentiion to my dreams Thanks teacher of wisdom and the word. (Woman of Valor)

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  2. Very interesting about the concept of double! I’ve never caught that before, in reading this scripture. Love when God reveals new things, and fresh perspectives!
    Very much enjoyed this post. It has given me something to think about and be mindfully conscious of the next time I have s recurring dream. 🙂


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