Do You KNOW Who You Are?

I dreamt that my son and I were in a house with a group of people. We were held hostage upstairs by a gunman. Suddenly, we were commanded to move downstairs. On our way down the stairs, the gunman became aggravated with one of individuals there and, in his anger, wanted to sacrifice me and my son, and kill us as an example to the others. So he pointed the gun at us with the intent to shoot us. My first reaction was to be afraid and to start pleading for our lives then I heard a voice say to me, “Remember who you are!” Instantly the fear was gone and I told myself that I do not need to plead for my life. So I stood up straight, squared my shoulder, look the gunman into his eyes and said, “You did not give me nor my son life and you cannot take life from us.” At that point, he lowered his gun and I grabbed our shoes, held my son’s hand and walked away.

Prior to having this dream, I dreamt that my uncle paid some guys $10 to kill me. In the dream, I was more shocked about the fact that he thought my life was worth only $10 than the fact that people were sent to kill me. The gunmen were not successful in their endeavour; however in an attempt to get away from them, I ran for help and left my son behind because he was sleeping. When I realized that I should not have left him behind and how difficult it was to go back for him, I pulled myself from the dream in frustration. After I woke up, I asked the LORD to take me back into the dream to correct it. I did not go back into that dream but that same night I had the dream mentioned above.

In retrospect, I now realize that the enemy tried to diminish my worth and how I see and value myself. I became so distracted that I did not give proper thought to the protection of my generations. I became lost in trying to protect myself and being preoccupied with what someone else thought about me.

Even though I asked the LORD for a second chance to make it right, I almost missed it. Because I did not give any thought to who I am, I almost succumbed to destruction. I was about to let fear take over and decide what my fate would be. Holy Spirit had to remind me of my worth and weight lest I perished. And not only me but my next generation (my son) as well.

What about you? Do you KNOW who you are? Do you know the weight you carry and the value you hold?

Are you allowing unauthorized people and things to destroy you and your next. Are you allowing those who did not and do not have the capacity to give you life to take life away from you? Are you allowing fear to overshadow you and cloud your judgment?

Examine yourself and REMEMBER Who YOU Are.

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