Dream Interpretation

I knew someone whom I will call “Ida”. Whenever Ida had a dream, she would check Google for dream interpretations, meanings and symbolisms surrounding what she saw. For example, if Ida dreams about an apple she would search Google for what an apple means in a dream. Growing up I know that there are certain things that were generally known to mean a particular thing. For example, whenever someone dreams about fish/fishes, it is commonly known to mean that a young lady usually related to or who lives within the dreamer’s household is pregnant.

While this could be true, one of the things that I have learnt is that dreams are personal to the dreamer because our experiences, background and culture are all unique to each of us. Our dreams are personal to us as well as its interpretation, elements and scenery. I believe this because just as we have a unique relationship with everyone we know, the LORD has a unique relationship with each of us depending on who we are as individuals and how He has created each of us. One of the ways He communicates with us is through our dreams and will often use things and people we are familiar with.

I am going to share with you two instances of dreams that I had to further explain. These dreams will draw on the example of “dreams of fishes meaning pregnancy”. Dreams can be direct or can be relayed as more of a mystery or puzzle. As a result, sometimes unless Holy Spirit reveals to us the meaning of a dream, it is hard for us to know until it is manifested.

Occurrence #1 – When my sister-in-law was pregnant with my niece, I had two different dreams on separate occasions where I saw a young lady, a close family friend, pregnant. Then it appears as if something happened to the foetus and it died. I thought that the young lady represented my sister-in-law and so I prayed and covered my niece. Everything was fine with my niece – both the pregnancy and delivery went well and she was born a happy and healthy baby. It never occurred to me that the dream could have been about the young lady I saw. I never knew her to be ever pregnant and it was not something she shared with me prior. In addition, I never heard anyone mentioned anything about her in that vein.  It was not until several months after that I was speaking to the young lady’s boyfriend and the topic of pregnancy came up, so I shared my dreams with him. He then confided that she was indeed pregnant on two different occasions and lost both babies. I was crushed because I felt that if I didn’t miss what the LORD was saying at that time, maybe, just maybe the outcome may have been different for at least one of the babies. This was one occurrence where the dream was direct.

Occurrence #2 – The night before the day my sister told me she was pregnant, I dreamt that I saw one of her cousins and her mom. Her cousin was in a kitchen frying fish. Then her cousin’s mom came into the kitchen and started to beat her. And she beat her and beat her and beat her. When I came out of the dream, I wondered what in the world did that dream mean. It was not until several days after, when the news of my sister’s pregnancy became known, that I realized that that dream was about her. And no, although my mom was hurt, disappointed and frustrated she did not beat her up. The beating in the dream was to help me to understand the intensity of the emotions that my mom experienced. Also the frying of the fish did represent the pregnancy in this instance. This dream falls under the aspect of mystery/puzzle.

Inquiring of and reliance on Holy Spirit is crucial in interpretating the meaning of our dreams. He will reveal to us and teach us how to identify whether our dreams are direct or a mystery/puzzle. Let us make it a priority to be taught of Him first so that we can effectively know what the LORD is saying to us through our dreams.

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