The Place of Death

Key References: Revelation 3:1-6, Ezekiel 37:1-14

If we pay careful attention to the introduction for all the messages sent to the churches in the early chapters of the Book of Revelation, as well as the way Ezekiel addressed the LORD, we will see that the LORD was revealed or introduced in the manner in which He desired to redeem His people as it pertains to their condition or need.

“To the angel of the Messianic Community in Sardis, write: ‘Here is the message from the one who has the sevenfold Spirit of God and the seven stars: “I know what you are doing—you have a reputation for being alive, but in fact you are dead! Revelation 3:1

He asked me, “Human being, can these bones live?” I answered, “Adonai ELOHIM! Only you know that!” Ezekiel 37:3

How was the LORD revealed?

In the key scripture references, the LORD was revealed as:

1. the One who has the sevenfold Spirit of God and the seven stars

The word, spirit, in Greek is pneúma and in Hebrew is ruah. It means breath, wind, life.

The Spirit of the Living God embodies His Presence, wisdom, understanding, counsel, power, knowledge, and fear of God/reverence (Ref. Isaiah 11: 2). This is the embodiment of what is needed for life and godliness.

2. Adonai ELOHIM

Adonai derives from the Hebrew word ādôn meaning Lord, Master or sovereignty.

ELOHIM comes from the Hebrew word yehowih. It means “He who causes to be all that is” or Creator.

What was their condition?

Although the people of the Church of Sardis had a reputation of being alive, they were in fact dead.

In the valley, where Ezekiel was, were very dry bones. There was a lack of substance and identity.

The word bones in Hebrew is esem. It means bones, substances, self, and can also denote identity.

The word dry literally means just that, dry. However, it is used symbolically to represent death.

Looking at both scriptural references, we can conclude that the LORD is revealed as the One who possesses LIFE and has the ability to produce and give LIFE. This revelation of the LORD is a representation of His desire to redeem His people out of their state or condition of DEATH.

Whenever the LORD gives you a revelation of who He is, pay careful attention because the manner in which He reveals Himself is the area in which He desires to create a change in you or your circumstances.

What is Death?

Death, in the simplest of terms, is separation from YHVH.

Whenever or wherever there is a separation from the Spirit, presence, glory, essence, nature, will or standard of YHVH is death. Throughout scripture, we can see examples of this – from Adam and Eve to King Saul, to the people of Israel, to the Pharisees and religious leaders, and many others.

How do we get to the place of death?

We can, unfortunately, be living in the place of death and, like the Church of Sardis, not even be aware of it. This is why many will say, “Lord, Lord, haven’t I …?” and the reply from the LORD will be, “Depart from Me!”. This unfortunate occurrence will be because many people are not aware of the fact that their reputation does not reflect their reality. They are deceived because they see results; however, there is no relationship or unity.

Disobedience will cause us to be positioned in the place of death.

Because they (the Church of Sardis) were disobedient, they encountered death and their work was incomplete. When we are disobedient, we will encounter death (separation from YHVH and His Spirit) and it will hinder the progress and completion of our assignment.

Getting out of Death?

Examine your life for a minute. Are you experiencing death (a separation from YHVH and His Spirit) in any area of your life?

If you are, let me introduce or re-introduce you to the ONE who is LIFE, who possesses LIFE and who can release His breath and wind to bring to LIFE every dead thing in and around you. YHVH is His name!

All is not lost and there is hope for you, even if all you have are dry bones or skeletons. Sometimes our lives can be so broken that when we look at what is left, it looks like nothing – insignificant. But the LORD is fully capable of using whatever we have left.

In the valley, there were only skeletons – dry bones – but the LORD was able to use even that. No matter how bad things are, they can never be too bad for God to create a change or turn around.

It is time for you, for me, for us to drag those skeletons out of the closet and allow the LORD to breathe new life into them. Let us allow Him to create something new from what is dead.

YHVH wants to break us out of where we are and break us into the place He has prepared for us. His desire is to breathe His breath, new life, and fresh wind into our dying state.

Would you give Him the opportunity to do that today?

Do not allow shame, disgrace, pain, hurt, regret, low self-esteem, guilt and all their companions to keep you in the place of death.

No matter who you are, where you are, what you have done, what your skeletons look like, know that the LORD will bring life to YOU … Yes, YOU!

Receive LIFE Now! 

6 thoughts on “The Place of Death

  1. Poweful indeed. “They are deceived because they see results; however, there is no relationship or unity”. This caught my attention. Lord help us to build that foundation of relationship with you. This is such an inspiring, Holy Ghost leading post.


  2. So many powerful truths!! I love studying and reflecting on the names of God and when you mention Adonai, my prayers many times I refer to Him as my Adonai, my master of whom I want to serve. Beautiful. Powerful.


  3. Great thoughts! This is a great reminder to go into the books that seem difficult to understand, like Revelation or Ezekiel. Thanks for sharing!


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