Does the Impossible Cause Your Faith to Waiver?

Has the LORD ever given you a promise that just seems so farfetched? Not only are you finding it hard to wrap your head around the magnitude of it; but as time goes by and the manifestation is yet to be in sight, you may begin to question yourself, the LORD, and if the words were delivered by someone you begin to question them as well.

When you add into the mix your seeming inability, incompetence, or lack of knowledge and resources then it just appears impossible.

You see, if you do not know the LORD, you will be prone to think at times that He likes to set us up for failure. He does not wait until we are fully prepared to reveal where He desires us to be and the capacity in which He calls us to function.

So when He gives you a promise that is so out of reach and on a completely different level than where you are at currently, it is not uncommon for you to think that He is meshugga (or crazy, as we know it).

Nonetheless, you receive the release of the promise with great eagerness, excitement, and readiness; but then the honeymoon phase of the excitement of the promises are over and the hard reality of the testing of the process comes into play. As the days turn into weeks, the weeks turn into months and the months into years you wonder, “How long LORD?”

In the midst of it all, know that the LORD is not crazy and neither are you. You heard well and His promises are real and true.

“So, what now?”, you may ask. “Where do I go from here?”

Now is the time for you to exercise your right as a seed of Abraham.

What did he do when faced with the same dilemma that you are now faced with? Different promise, same dilemma. What he did was put to work a simple but effective principle. And to be victorious, you need to work that same principle — faith.

The Bible declares that when Abraham received the promises of the LORD that

His trust did not waver when he considered his own body – which was as good as dead, since he was about a hundred years old – or when he considered that Sarah’s womb was dead too. He did not by lack of trust decide against God’s promises. On the contrary, by trust he was given power as he gave glory to God, for he was fully convinced that what God had promised he could also accomplish. Romans 4:19-21 CJB

He was not distracted by his impossible or the impossibilities of his co-partner Sarah. He chose to believe the promise of the LORD and trust Him to bring it to pass through him. You see, …

… he did NOT allow his present circumstance to determine whether or not the LORD is able to do what He said He would.

How about you, do you allow the impossible — your impossibilities — to cause your faith in the LORD’s abilities to waiver?

Abraham chose to partner with the LORD by trusting Him to do what He said He will do. Like him, we all have a choice to either partner with YHVH by trusting His word and promises release over and into our lives or we can decide against His promise through our lack of faith.

A lack of faith manifested through unbelief and doubt will cause you to go contrary to what the LORD desires for you. Instead of standing in alignment with Him, you will be going against the tide making it difficult to manifest His will and heart in your life. This is how we many times can unknowingly work against what the LORD desires for us.

When we partner in unity with the LORD through full confidence in Him, He will empower and equip us with all we need to bring to pass His perfect intentions for us, at the right time.

I, therefore, challenge you today to believe what the LORD has revealed to you, knowing that He will accomplish what He has promised. Work with Him, have full confidence in Him and watch Him give you the power and grace needed as you, in turn, give Him the glory for the accomplishment of His promises in your life.

5 thoughts on “Does the Impossible Cause Your Faith to Waiver?

  1. The timing is perfect! We all need to hear this Word sometimes. My faith is not always there, but thanks for this reminder to trust in His promises no matter my circumstance!

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