DreamLog™ — The monitoring of our night dreams through documentation.

Our night dreams are important. They contain messages, strategies, answers, and are one of the many ways that YHVH communicates with us; unfortunately, however, we tend to often disregard them. Additionally, we may not readily understand the things we see or what was revealed to us; BUT if we keep a record of them, this will help us to monitor them and have something to look back on as a reference.

Our aim here is to bring awareness to the importance of documenting and tracking our night dreams. If this way of life is developed, you may not only be able to eventually learn to interpret your dreams, but you will also be able to keep track of patterns and symbolisms that are unique to you as well as make links to things that may occur in your everyday life.

We cannot always trust our minds to remember things. Therefore it is crucial that we write down our night dreams because we will be unable to monitor something we are not able to remember.


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Dream Interpretation

Dreams are personal to the dreamer because our experiences, background, and culture are all unique to each of us. Not only are dreams personal to the dreamer, but the interpretation, elements, and scenery as well.

Do You KNOW Who You Are?

Do you KNOW who you are? Do you know the weight you carry and the value you hold? Are allowing unauthorized people and things to destroy you and your next. Are you allowing those who did not and do not have the capacity to give you life to take life away from you? Are you allowing fear to overshadow you and cloud your judgment?

The Principle of Double

Why was the dream doubled for Pharaoh? Because the matter has been fixed by God, and God will shortly cause it to happen. Exodus 41:32 CJB


No matter what is coming up against you, do not be afraid because the LORD has you covered.


After I came out of the dream, Ruach HaKodesh said to me, “You were prevented from crossing over because if you had at that time, you would have carried the infestation with you. And you cannot afford to take these things where you are going.”